La crise de la fiction, selon Chris Suellentrop [citation]

The nation is facing nothing less than a fiction crisis.

Four of the five best-selling books last year on Amazon were works of nonfiction, and the fiction title, Mill River Recluse, was a Kindle download.

The theatrical box office recently saw its worst weekend in 10 years. Narrative television — the quality of shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men notwithstanding — is in decline. The most-watched shows are sports and reality spectacles.

Anyone who has engaged in the make-believe required for most video games to work their magic knows that games are fiction too. Why would games be immune?

- Chris Suellentrop, éditeur de Yahoo News, tiré d’un article du New York Times sur l’industrie du jeu vidéo du 7 octobre 2012.

Crédit photo: Sony Computer Entertainment.